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A Journey Of  A  Lifetime

In 1989, within the heart of Bangsar Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur, a small dream began to take form. It manifested as a sandwich bar but signified so much more—a pursuit of independence and a deep hunger for universally appealing, wholesome deli fare to gratify not only the palates of Malaysians but also those around the world. David and his wife Maureen, both passionate deli enthusiasts, embarked on an arduous journey within the confines of their home kitchen. There, they dedicated themselves tirelessly to experimentation, relentless taste-testing, and the creation of fresh, captivating culinary concepts. Little did they anticipate that their unwavering commitment would soon lead to remarkable success, far surpassing their wildest expectations.

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A Taste Of Adventure

The adventure began with a selection of open-cut sandwiches, gourmet pies and some home-cooked deli meals, including the first ¼ Roast Chicken that took Kuala Lumpur by storm. Responses were gauged, and a journey strung with discoveries and improvisations that molded the Dave’s Deli character commenced. In a way, it was like entering unchartered taste territory: exciting, filled with anticipation, tinged with expectation and risk.

Spiced With The Right Ingredients

Only the freshest ingredients, handpicked in the wee hours of the morning and carted to David and Maureen’s home kitchen were used. Great pains were taken to ensure that the final product was smacked of quality and tasty goodness. Today a central commissary has taken over, supported by a full team of professionals with the same stringent standards and dedication they have always practiced.

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Come  Home  To  Good  Food

There is a saying: you only can cook well if you love to eat. Well, we here in the Dave’s Deli family love to eat! The past 35 years have been an exciting journey. However, the success so far is just the beginning. As we look to the future, we are determined to uphold our promise to serve tasty, unpretentious and good comfort food at an exceptional value. Dave’s Deli is 100% Malaysian Owned & Operated.

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